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Disclosure Statements:
This blog is written and edited by me.  The opinions, findings, experiences, beliefs, and  reviews are completely my own, regardless of compensation or sponsorship of any products, services, websites, etc.  I will not endorse any product that I do not fully believe in.  I choose my sponsors extremely carefully and accept very few offers, as I only want to expose my readers to products that I personally use.   Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.  I am not liable to you or any third parties for special, punitive, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from your use of information or data obtained from this site.
Review Guidelines
If you have a product or service that you would like to submit for an honest review, please contact me at drealee03[at]yahoo[dot]com so we can discuss the options.  I love finding great new products that benefit new mothers, families, teachers, babies and children. If your product interests me and complies with my standards, I will write an honest, clear review of the product(s) you have provided.
As much as I would like to review each and every product, at this time, I am only interested in reviewing items that benefit families, parents, children, babies and teachers.
**I WILL NOT review items based solely on photos, brochures, or websites.  I only will endorse products that I personally use(d).   This is essential to providing an honest opinion of each product.  Therefore, a sample MUST be provided. Products supplied to me for the review must be full size, become my property and will not be returned. I will not pay for shipping. Personalized items must be personalized for me.
Submitting a sample does not guarantee I will post a review on it. I have the right to refuse a review/giveaway for any reason, at any time.If you are unable to submit a sample, I have a variety of affordable advertising opportunities.
If you are interested in advertising your product on TheMielkeWay, contact me at drealee03[at]yahoo[dot]com and lets talk about it!
Available advertising packages are as follows:125×125 Button Ad: 
The 125×125 button appears on every page on the Sidebar. Pricing is $15 per month per button. The button is subject to preapproval.180 x 180 Button Ad:
The 180 x 180 button appears on every page on the Sidebar. Pricing is $20 per month per button. The button is subject to preapproval. 

Contact me for more information: drealee03[at]yahoo[dot]com

1 thought on “Product Reviews, Sponsors, & Advertisements

  1. Hello – I came across your blog and would love to send you some of the Ava Anderson Non Toxic products.

    Here’s a little bit about Ava Anderson Non Toxic’s products (no harmful chemicals) and I’d like to share her amazing story.

    Founded by Ava in 2009 (at 15) with the help of her parents, to share products that are not harmful for humans and the environment. She now has 1,300 consultants in 48 states and is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the country. Recently honored as “Emerging Entrepreneur, 2011” finalist by Entrepreneur Magazine. In addition to us growing a business with an important social message, our consultants are growing strong businesses as well.

    Ava’s quick growing success has been monumental and she has been featured in Glamour, Seventeen (“Pretty Amazing Girl” pick by the Editor) People, Aol Stylist, WWD, Italian Vogue, and many more. She has been endorsed (never paid) by Alicia Silverstone and other high profile celebrities interested in anti cancer and environmental issues.

    Here is a list of Ava’s current lines:

    avaBODY – hand & body lotion – hand sanitizer – lip balm – hand soap – shower gel – body scrub

    avaSKIN –cleanser – toner –moisturizer – exfoliator – eye makeup remover pads – eye cream – lip scrub

    avaFACE – lip glosses – lipsticks – mascara – foundation – blush – brushes

    avaSUN – sunscreen – lip balm with spf – moisturizer with spf

    avaHAIR – shampoo – conditioner – style cream – deep conditioning treatment

    Will are ecstatic to be adding more categories in the coming months and year!

    There is almost nothing that is actually BENEFICIAL to our skin, and our bloodstream, in the cocktail that makes up traditional products in most people’s home. We challenge you to look up just one of the product that you use on a regular basis at – – -as Ava says, “you will be shocked!” Be sure to scroll down and see the disease categories of the ingredient in your products. And to NOTE – if the product has the ingredient “fragrance,” where manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of toxic chemicals and not list them (“trade secret”) – – -all bets are off! Your 5 (on a 0-10 toxicity scale) is much higher – you just won’t know it!

    Our goal is to provide the best quality personal care products that contain no harmful chemicals – yes, we’ve done it!

    We hope you’re interested in Ava’s lines and we look forward to the opportunity to have you try some of Ava’s AMAZING products.

    Please send your address and we’ll send you some goodies soon 🙂

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