“If one says you are, then they’re all going to”

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Well, one day while pondering the possible benefits of a tall adult beverage, we decided it may be a good idea to rule out the possibility that our casual attempts at baby making actually worked.  This seemingly straight forward process turned into approximately 48 of the most confusing and stressful hours of our lives.  The first of four tests left us wondering if everyone sees that almost invisible, faint pink, second line.  Ian was quickly sent back to the pharmacy for reinforcements with one direction- “GET THE ONE WITH WORDS.”  Well… with the help of three very nosy pharmacists, he returned with four different tests (none of which had words, ALL of which left us even more bewildered.)

24 hours later:  Finally Ian returns with the digital test with words… the ONLY test anyone should ever use… after one minute, the small digital screen, just like a magic eight ball, changed our lives forever.  I cried, Ian just got a stupid smile on his face and kept staring at the stick.  Finally, we had the digital, undeniable proof we needed.  The Mielke Way Galaxy just got a little bigger. 🙂

This is the best day of our lives!

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