Our little poppy seed :)

So even though we only found out we were pregnant two days ago, it turns out I am already considered to be 4 ½ weeks pregnant because doctors consider the first day of your last period as week one.  Go figure!

So- Apparently, our angel is due to arrive around November 6th!

I made my first prenatal exam with Dr. Green for March 18th.  The receptionist was the first person I got to tell.  I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face when I told her why I needed to see the doctor.

I am beyond excited to tell our parents that they will soon be welcoming their first grandchild into the world.  Ian has had to pry the phone out of my hands multiple times in order to keep me from not calling my mom and blurting it out.  We want to tell everyone in a very special way- since it will be the first child of the next generation on both sides.  Next Friday, (the day of my first doctor’s appointment) we are all flying out to Las Vegas for Cason’s surprise 21st birthday trip.  I think we are going to make the big announcement at dinner.

I can’t believe how hard it is to wrap my brain around this new reality.  God is at work inside of me right now!  It’s amazing to know that all of these obscure symptoms that I have been experiencing over the last few weeks have been because I am pregnant!

Baby’s Length: Less than 0.25 in.

Baby’s Weight: Less than 0. 25 oz.

Baby’s Size: Poppy seed

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