Relax? What’s that mean?

Everyone is always telling me to relax… and quite frankly- I suck at relaxing.

Even though I am only getting a couple hours of sleep at night because Graeson is nocturnal, I cannot seem to sleep even when he is sleeping. Naps- not a chance…  I just can’t seem to turn my brain off long enough to fall asleep.  This isn’t a new thing- I’ve never needed much sleep… it’s just different now because even when I know I should be sleeping, I’m awake staring at the baby, watching him breathe.  For some reason I can’t stop worrying that if someone isn’t watching him at all times then he isn’t safe.  I know- I’ve completely flipped my lid.  I’ve given a whole new meaning to “overprotective, helicopter mom”…  I mean, for goodness sake- he is sleeping in a bassinet RIGHT next to me! My rational brain tells me I’m crazy (and my husband chimes in when he feels its necessary), but for some reason I can’t turn it off.

So, I’m turning it over to you… Did any of you new moms struggle with this fear of taking your eyes off of baby? What did you do??