6 weeks old

My Little Man

6 weeks old

6 weeks old

SIX WEEKS OLD BUDDY!! AND YOU FINALLY SMILED AT US!! Daddy got the first smile on  Christmas Eve- it was the best present EVER.  And two days later, on the 26th- I got the first laugh!  It was pretty uncoordinated- the actual sound of the laugh came before the smile- but it was a Grae giggle all the same.  🙂

Your hair grows more EVERY DAY… I swear if you watch closely you’d be able to see it grow!

You also took your first shower this week!  Grandma said most babies are scared the first time in the shower because they don’t know why water is falling on their backs, but not you!  You aren’t really scared of anything.  You loved it, just like you love baths and diaper changes… You like to be clean.  Don’t worry though, you’ll like digging in the dirt too when you get a little older.

The rash on your face is finally all gone- we have started washing EVERYTHING in baby detergent and Daddy and I even use Johnson and Johnson baby body wash so you don’t have a reaction to big people soap.  I hope your skin isn’t always this sensitive. Your baby acne has also completely disappeared.

Your neck is getting SO strong- you are ALMOST ready to sit in the Bumbo seat by yourself!

You ate 9 ounces of milk at one time this week- that HAS to be some kind of record- I couldn’t drink that much milk at one time! Geesh!  🙂


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