Momma Bear

Did any of you hear about this MOMMA?  <—–Read about this brave, teen mom by clicking on the link.

As Ian and I were laying in bed last night, the story came on the news.  I had to resist the urge to FIST PUMP- Jersey Shore style, even though I’ve never fist pumped a day in my life. 😉  How awesome.

This 18 year old, widowed mom shoots a home invader dead to protect her 3 month old son- after asking the 911 dispatcher permission to shoot him! She even had the composure and maturity to put a bottle in her baby’s mouth to keep him quiet.  I think I have a new hero.

Whether you agree with the right to own guns or not… this story is empowering for women everywhere.  Personally, it made me want to go back to the shooting range asap.

Let this be a lesson to every “bad guy” out there…

In the words of Sarah McKinley herself, “There is nothing more dangerous than a woman protecting her child.”

HELL YES, SARAH.  You rock.


Another Momma Bear


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