8 weeks old


You are eight weeks old already!  You just keep growing- and you are perfecting some really good lookin’ rolls on your thighs!  Your Great Grandma Jean would say “It looks like you were screwed together!” just like she used to tell me when I was a baby :).

You are about to outgrow your infant seat already- we had to buy you a big boy car seat today!

One of your favorite past times this week is pulling Mama’s hair then giggling.  It is adorable (as long as you get over this phase by the time you are a toddler ;)).

You have me laughing hysterically at least ten times a day now- you are going to have a great sense of humor- I can tell already.  You love to make people laugh (Daddy is pretty good at that, too).

You think its really funny to stick your tongue out at Daddy and me and you think it is hilarious when I act like a monkey and jump all over the living room (I know, I know, people- embarrassing visual- but I would do anything to make this kid laugh :p)  It is the hardest I have ever heard you giggle.  I’m going to try again so I can get that precious sound on video.  🙂

And the last thing that’s new this week is the fact that you NEVER SLEEP!  Yesterday you were up for 15 hours STRAIGHT.  Grandma thinks its funny that you are paying me back, because I never slept for her when I was a baby.  She said “He sure does have a lot of stamina for a little guy”… hahaha, yeah- I’d say!  Daddy says you are a monster 😉 He was up all night long with you last night.  You wouldn’t let him put you down.

I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love you… and I love you more every single day.

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,


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