Our little traveler

Grae has now been to FOUR states in only EIGHT weeks of life.  🙂 He’s a little traveler!

Our weekend trip to Orlando was a blast.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent a couple hours exploring.

Downtown Orlando

We ate at a delicious pizza place and our pizza was three times the size of Graeson!

Gino's Pizza

That evening, I met up with my friends and had an amazing time out on the town for my bestie’s Bachelorette Party.

Dinner at Ceviche

VIP at Vintage 🙂

 While I was out for the first time without Grae Baby, he and Daddy had a fun night doing “man stuff” in a BEAUTIFUL hotel (The Grand Bohemian) in downtown Orlando, watching football and making their own music videos.  Yes, music videos… and to make it worse- RAP music videos.  There’s no denyin’ this Lil G is from the A. 😉  I will share that little treat with y’all as soon as it uploads- I’m trying to put the video on YouTube now.  Trust me when I say this is something you do not want to miss so be sure to check back soon.

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