Guess who!

Ian and I are constantly competing over which one of us Grae looks more like.  When we go out in public and someone tells us he is a redhead just like his momma- point for me.  When someone tells us how he looks JUST LIKE DADDY… point for Ian. I’ve only been told he looks like me a handful of times- but I’m still holding out.  🙂  hehe.  (Honestly, I think he looks more like our brothers than either of us!) Either way– what do you think?


Baby Andrea

Baby Grae and Baby Andrea

(Disclaimer- this is just for fun- Ian and I wouldn’t care if he was purple- we would still think he was the most beautiful baby in the world… just an FYI ;))

And, YES, the bottom picture of him next to my baby picture IS THERE TO SWAY YOUR OPINIONS! 😉


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