15 weeks

Grae is now squealing like a little piggy!! Oh, it is just the best little sound- we crack up laughing every time.  Then, he wrinkles up that perfect little nose and laughs with us.  Boy, does he have us wrapped around his tiny little finger already.

My Dad has started calling Grae a BLOB, because he still hasn’t rolled over, and really shows no intention of learning.  He prefers to be carried by his Momma, and that is perfectly fine by me.  We just remind Grae that Grandpa’s nickname is Big Ugly.  🙂

He’s not so good with tummy time, but his little legs make up for it.  He can support all of his weight, if only he could keep his balance…

And, the biggest accomplishment this week- HE FOUND HIS FEET!!  He now lifts his legs up and grabs those little piggy toes every time he sees ’em.  🙂

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