Momma’s got tricks

My newest discovery:

Green Machine!

RJ has decided that he is quite a picky eater.  Every night for dinner he requests “ravioli from the can, not the cooked stuff” and he wants it straight from the can. Not even warmed up in the microwave.  Yuck. When he is asked to eat one or two pieces of broccoli or one bite of salad, he will sit at the dinner table for over an hour trying to wait us out.  I’ve even tried bribes… “RJ, if you eat one little piece of broccoli, you will get a piece of cake!”  One hour later, he had nibbled off the tips of the broccoli, but left the stems!  Needless to say, he didn’t get his piece of cake.

A couple weeks ago, however, we went to Costco and got a sample of a green veggie smoothie and we all loved it- INCLUDING RJ!  We bought two jugs of it and RJ has been DRINKING his veggies since. 🙂 YAY!

The slogan of this DELICIOUS juice is: “Looks weird, Tastes amazing.”  And it is exactly that.  Y’all have to try it! 🙂

It tastes like a fruit smoothie, but in addition to the banana, mango, and apples and pineapple, it also contains broccoli, parsley, wheat grass, and even blue green algae!

Maybe someday I’ll try juicing at home and making my own veggie smoothies, but for now, this is an awesome alternative and it makes me feel a little better when the little guy chooses to eat everything but the green stuff on his dinner plate. 🙂

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