My Conquer List

I have been trying to organize all of the documents on my computer and save them onto an external hard drive, as I’m not sure how much longer my computer is going to hang on.  While doing so, I found an electronic journal that I was keeping from when I was eighteen. The first page was a bucket list- a list of things I wanted to do before I “kicked the bucket.”  How morbid!  I have decided that I hate the term “Bucket List,” and that a list goals, wishes dreams that I hope to accomplish in my lifetime would be more suitably called a Conquer List. 🙂  So I’ve renamed it.  Aside from that, I love looking back- I can remember how I felt as I wrote each entry.  It is fun to see what I have accomplished on my list, what I no longer want anything to do with (that’s what growing up will do to you, I suppose), and what I would like to add to it now, 9 years later.


Graduate from college (2007)

Marry my best friend (2010)

Jump out of a plane on my wedding day (I’M SO OVER THIS! We had planes fly over our wedding ceremony, I’m going to count it- haha)

Have lots of babies (One down, lots to go ;))

Save someone’s life

Anonymously help a family in need 

Become a foster parent

Become a Doctor by age 30 (Ph.D. is in progress, and I still have three years ;))

Learn to speak Italian (Well I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Studies, but never really became fluent… I’ll have to keep working on it, maybe a few more trips to Italy are in order ;))

Adopt a child (Also still in the plans :))

Fill my home with life and love- children, pets, friends, and family (This is a lifelong goal, but I definitely keep this in mind as we build our life together.  My decorating style- EVERY room in our house must contain something living in at all times-is just one example ;))

Obtain a job that I am passionate about, one that challenges me  (I love my job!)

Get a pet monkey (Someday!)

Now these are all great dreams, however…

My Dad said something when Grae was born that stood out in my mind.  He said, “Grae could very easily live into the 22nd century.”  It got me thinking about what he would see in his lifetime, and what I’d see in mine.  Sometimes it feels like its a race against time to experience these “once in a lifetime” adventures before they are gone, overcrowded or depleted.  Now that I have a child of my own, I hope to expose him to as many of these escapades as I can (as soon as he’s old enough to remember them, of course).

 So, here are some additions  to my list:

See the whales in Hawaii

Live like a local in a foreign village for a month

Grow big, beautiful peonies in my garden just like my Great Grandma Mary

SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef

Hold a koala bear in Australia

Teach/volunteer in a foreign country 

Fly a plane

Travel the world, making sure to see all 7 of the world wonders

Homeschool my children

Get my children their English Passports- how cool would it be for them to have dual citizenship like their Daddy?

Learn the art of photography

Cook delicious, healthy meals and eat together as a family as many nights as possible

Start a college fund for my children Thanks so much, Mom and Dad- the significance of this gift cannot be put into words.


Dance with my son at his wedding

What is on your “Conquer List”?  

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