Doctor, Doctor….

Its been a rough week around here- RJ and I have been sick with strep throat and a relentless cough since last Sunday, and if I wasn’t suffering enough with strep, I lost my voice for the first time in life as well.  Then, RJ acquired a nasty case of ring worm, and then the next day, we found out Graeson has pink eye.   On top of all of these issues, Grae had his 6 month check up today, which meant more vaccinations. So, I’m pretty sure that will translate into a super crabby, sore little dude.

On a positive note, tomorrow is the last day of school.  I’m definitely looking forward to summer vacation.

Also, at Grae’s checkup, we learned that he is now in the 94th percentile for weight, 86th for height and 52nd for head circumference.  He weighs 21 pounds, 6 ounces, is 27 inches long, and his little head is 44 cm around. The doctor said he looked great and the nurse couldn’t get over how “smart and alert” he was already.  Grae recognized the person that gave him shots last time and he started crying as soon as he walked into the room.  The nurse explained that babies don’t usually do that until they are 12 months old or older.  That’s our little Baby Einstein. 😉

We hope your week is going a bit better than ours.



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