The Good Life

Every year I look forward to summer break.  This summer, though, takes the cake.  Spending the entire day with my sweet baby boy?  Yes, please!  It is my first summer vacation from the mom side of things, however, so we are still perfecting our routine. I will say, we haven’t had ANY problems finding stuff to do thus far.  We’ve been taking long walks every morning, swimming most afternoons, cooking dinner every night, and fitting in lots of tummy time (he’s only a few days away from CRAWLING!) and more play dates than I ever imagined a 6 month old could have in between.  Turns out Grae is a pretty popular fella. 😉

We are finally starting to feel a little better around here, and after surviving 9 weeks of a hellacious virus that turned into walking pneumonia, and Grae cutting his first two teeth at the same time, I feel like the next couple months can only get better.