Dear Grae,

You are eight months old now! You never cease to amaze me… every single day, you conquer a new task. It seems like yesterday you couldn’t hold your head up, and now you are doing the worm across the floor, figuring out how to get to me from across the room. You still haven’t mastered crawling, but you are so close it could happen ANY time.  You are definitely strong enough, you just can’t get those darn hands and knees to work together yet. You can even do PUSH UPS!

You are eating a little better, although if it were up to you, you would exclusively nurse. When we gently encourage solids, your favorites are organic rice puffs (aka Giant Rice Krispies), tomatoes, artichokes, fettucini, bread and corn.  NONE of which are pureed.  You will tolerate yogurt, but other foods that resemble baby food makes you gag. Maybe your a future foodie?

You have FOUR teeth now!  Two on top, two on bottom. We got you a Baltic Amber teething necklace, even though I was pretty skeptical of its so-called healing properties– and, as it turns out, it is amazing. Since I put it on you, your teething troubles have vanished. You haven’t objected once, no more fever, runny nose, or gum pain.  Talk about a live saver.

You are super ticklish and just laugh and laugh.  High fives have to be the coolest thing in the world and Grandma’s version of Pat-A-Cake is by far the most entertaining song that even provides enough distraction to make baby-groomin’ night bearable.  Swimming, baths, showers- all things involving water- are your favorite activities.

You are a Momma’s Boy through and through and have started crying when anyone else holds you or I leave your eyesight even for a minute.  As much as it makes my heart burst, its going to make going back to school in a couple weeks a little difficult.  Hopefully, you will have so much fun that it will be an easy transition.

I love you even more every single day, Baby G.