Farewell Summer

I have sadly come to the realization that our first summer as a family is quickly fading away.  We have been lingering in the fleeting rays of sunshine a little bit longer each evening, knowing that before we know it, it will be dark by the time we make it home from work and school.  Here’s to enjoying each of these moments… these perfect summer evenings… with my perfect little boys for the last nine days of the best summer of my life.

The Critters

Although our priorities have most definitely shifted since Grae has been born, our beloved furry, feathered, scaled, and shelled members of our family have not been forgotten.  They are all still very much our other babies, they just tend to get left out in many of my blog posts.

So, I thought it now would be as good of a time as any to make a few introductions-

The original pet was Stella- my sassy cat who thinks she has the answer for everything.  She is beautiful and super sweet, but my goodness she can hold a grudge.  And, by grudge, I mean, if I accidently buy the wrong brand of cat litter, she will teach me not to ever make that mistake again by urinating all over my favorite rug.  Unfortunately, that means she spends her unsupervised time either in the laundry room or outside in our front yard.

The second pet I brought home was Sherman.  My red eared slider turtle.  I got him in Daytona Beach while I was on a college spring break trip.  I couldn’t resist him- he was the size of a nickel!  I had no idea that tiny little dude would grow so much or so fast.  We went through one aquarium after the next so that he would have enough room to swim.  Finally, after 5 years of upgrading aquariums from 1 gallon to our current 75 gallon monstrosity, his growth chart has plateaued. Last year, our dear Sherman LAID EGGS and decided that his, I mean, her name should instead be Shelly (it hasn’t really stuck though).

Next came Paris.  (AKA- Pooper- I’ll explain later).  She’s my North American Dingo dog.  She’s sweet and loyal, and loves her “pack”.  However, when she spots a squirrel, she is about as wild as they come. Recently, she has started having unexplainable seizures so her vet has her on a nightly medication.

Nova is our first husky.  She has many AKA’s- Bean, White Tooth, Blood Spiller… to name a few.  She is a Momma’s girl to the fullest.  She is insanely jealous of anything else even remotely close to me and has a serious case of dog aggression.  Paris is her only buddy, and even the two of them get into it on occasion.  She couldn’t be sweeter to people, she just prefers to be the only furry thing in my world.  She LOVES to do tricks, and has even as a tiny pup- Watch the video when she was only a few weeks old!! 🙂


Demi is the street chihuahua/jack russell cross.  She is scrappy, smarter than any dog I’ve ever met and faster than the speed of light.  Before bed, she isn’t happy until she gets a big “night-night” hug from Daddy.  It’s quite the sight.

Deacon is our most recent addition.  He is the most gorgeous dog I’ve ever seen.  He’s a long haired, brown and white husky with ice blue eyes.  When he comes to work with me, my first graders roll around on the ground with him and have affectionately named him “Magic Wolf”.  He’s awesome.

And then there is Margila.  She is a trip.  Our crazy umbrella cockatoo.  She says all kinds of funny things, and even impersonates our barking dogs.  I’m waiting for her to start crying just like Grae.  She hates me and LOVES Ian. She also greats everybody with a human-like “HELLLLLO” as they walk into the house.  Then she’ll let out a few blood curdling screams.  I have become so accustomed to this, I usually forget to explain/introduce Margila to visitors.  Oftentimes, our company will get a horrified look on their face and say, “IS THERE A CHILD STUCK UPSTAIRS!?”

We also have a salt water aquarium.  Its Ian’s pride and joy and Grae’s favorite past time.  It is set up in our bedroom and drifting off to sleep while watching the beautiful fish, corals, and sea life is truly the perfect way to end every night.  We have so much fun going to the pet store and picking out new additions for our aquarium. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any problem passing this educational hobby onto Little G.

Can’t we just bubble wrap the baby?!

We are spending our Saturday NOODLING…

What’s NOODLING, you ask?!

Well, it all starts by lashing about five good sized inflatable rafts together, then we float out (as a family) into the middle of the river. After finding a spot where the current is weak, we “Gear Up Grae.” This consists of a baby scuba set complete with a tiny chain mail suit. After we make sure the O2 is flowing well (responsible parents that we are), a small rope is placed around his left ankle and he is lowered into the water. Then WAM!!!! He gets one every time, that’s my boy!! Last week he pulled up a 73 pound Giant Cat Fish. THAT’S MY LITTLE NOODLER!! 🙂

Ok, so not really… (ARE YOU CRAZY?  He could be injured!) But, that’s what Dizzle had pictured when I told him we would be spending the weekend Noodling our house.

Instead, we went out and bought a bunch of Pool Noodles (various neon colors, of course), cut them in half, and are using packing tape to attach them to every possible threatening piece of furniture in our house, using the motto: “you can never be too careful.” We’ll just tell people we formed our decorating style watching Color Splash: Miami.  😉


I’ve always wondered what I sound like when I laugh.  Turns out, my new tiny parrot seems to think it sounds like a billy goat.  ;o)

Grae is always trying out a new laugh.  As we walk down the hall of school,  he acknowledges everyone in sight with his famous chuckle.  And, in a matter of seconds, everyone around is laughing with him.  So, I have been trying for quite some time to capture his silly little billy goat giggle on film, and finally got a short little tidbit that I couldn’t wait to share.