Can’t we just bubble wrap the baby?!

We are spending our Saturday NOODLING…

What’s NOODLING, you ask?!

Well, it all starts by lashing about five good sized inflatable rafts together, then we float out (as a family) into the middle of the river. After finding a spot where the current is weak, we “Gear Up Grae.” This consists of a baby scuba set complete with a tiny chain mail suit. After we make sure the O2 is flowing well (responsible parents that we are), a small rope is placed around his left ankle and he is lowered into the water. Then WAM!!!! He gets one every time, that’s my boy!! Last week he pulled up a 73 pound Giant Cat Fish. THAT’S MY LITTLE NOODLER!! 🙂

Ok, so not really… (ARE YOU CRAZY?  He could be injured!) But, that’s what Dizzle had pictured when I told him we would be spending the weekend Noodling our house.

Instead, we went out and bought a bunch of Pool Noodles (various neon colors, of course), cut them in half, and are using packing tape to attach them to every possible threatening piece of furniture in our house, using the motto: “you can never be too careful.” We’ll just tell people we formed our decorating style watching Color Splash: Miami.  😉

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