And then he was ONE.

Grae was born ONE year ago, November 15, at 10:29pm. His birth will forever be one of my bravest, most powerful accomplishments. (Read about it here!) Lately, I have found myself retracing the places I was at this time last year. Today, November 18, 2011, we were bringing our beautiful boy home from the hospital. I can’t help but hold our sweet, giggling child close as I think of all this year has taught me.



You have dramatically and wonderfully impacted my life. I will never be the same.  Thank you for making me a mommy and teaching me more than I could have ever learned without you.  There is something so special about you, Graeson. And I’m not just saying this because I’m your Mom. It is something more than your loving and happy nature.  It is undefinable, and yet I know in my heart you are destined for great things. I am looking so forward to watching you grow and experiencing the magic you will continue to infuse into this world.  I thank God every night for the unconditional love that He has given me through you.  Never stop unraveling this world with your excitement and wonder.  I am so proud of you, son.

Happy First Birthday to our Graeson Royce! You are SO loved!


How you spent your first birthday:

You woke up to a fort that Daddy made you, filled with your favorite thing- Balloons!

After playing with Daddy, and your morning nap, you went to RJ’s kindergarten to have lunch with him.  Afterwards, you went to the grocery store and Daddy pushed you around in the “Car” grocery cart while you screamed and laughed for an hour.  You got a “First Birthday” balloon and a flower to bring to me at work!  (You melted my heart!)

After you picked me up from work, we headed to the Georgia Aquarium!  You are mesmerized by our small salt water tank in our bedroom, so we knew you’d LOVE it (and we were RIGHT!!)


You picked out a Buluga Whale in the gift shop for a birthday present. 🙂

You played with Birthday Buluga all the way home. 🙂

And after we picked RJ up from school, it was time to come home and have cake!

Grae’s Barnyard Bash!

Dear G,

We celebrated your birthday a couple of weeks early this year so your grandparents, aunts and uncles could celebrate with us.  You also had a bunch of friends from school and our neighborhood come to make your party extra special.  You loved every second of the petting zoo party- but your favorite part was definitely riding the pony!  You stuck your tongue out and “neighed” like a pony as soon as we sat you on the saddle.  You were also a HUGE fan of birthday cake.  HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, GRAESON!


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11 Months Old

Ladies and Gentlemen (mostly ladies)
Graeson Royce Has Arrived

Mommy and I felt like you may enjoy having a few words from dear old Da Da to carry with you into the future. You are 11 months old now Boo Boo- your rockstar personality and your desire to explore are matching one another step for step. I catch your mother staring at you some times (I think shes trying to stop you from growing so fast through some kind of spooky spoon bending super power), but don’t worry, Da Da is there to break her concentration before it has any real effect on you. Oh yea, your getting to be quite the little prankster now. You find dangerous and poisonous things and act like you’re going to hand them over only to yank them back and shove them in your mouth (HAHA). One of my proudest moments came this month when you saw me walk in from work and said, “HI DADA!!” I almost fell over with pride. However, you seem to have really expanded on this new trick, so much in fact that you say “HI DADA” to RJ and… well…..the oven. I’m sure your just practicing for your next genuine DADA encounter so, no worries. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will save your first real walking session for the evening when I will be here to cheer you on but, I fear that any second your hands will leave the safety of the nearest object and you will be walking.

YOUR BIGGEST FAN (Even bigger than the one on the living room Ceiling)
Da Da

Our little Trick Or Treaters

I’m finally back from my little blogging vacation and I have so much to share.  We have been having a pretty spectacular fall so far, and our first halloween was pretty awesome all in itself.  We have been so busy that the holiday snuck up on us!  We realized the day before Halloween that we didn’t even have pumpkins yet and we needed to make an emergency trip to the pumpkin patch!  It was both RJ and Grae’s first time picking out pumpkins, and both boys decided to pick out the two shiniest pumpkins in the field. Even though we were a little late with our festivities,  our jack-o-lanterns were some of the freshest on the street. 🙂  RJ (our little pirate) had a blast knocking on doors and screaming “TRICK OR TREAT!”, while Grae the Fearless Lion giggled and ROARED as he got pulled around in a big wagon full of blankets.

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