Our little Trick Or Treaters

I’m finally back from my little blogging vacation and I have so much to share.  We have been having a pretty spectacular fall so far, and our first halloween was pretty awesome all in itself.  We have been so busy that the holiday snuck up on us!  We realized the day before Halloween that we didn’t even have pumpkins yet and we needed to make an emergency trip to the pumpkin patch!  It was both RJ and Grae’s first time picking out pumpkins, and both boys decided to pick out the two shiniest pumpkins in the field. Even though we were a little late with our festivities,  our jack-o-lanterns were some of the freshest on the street. 🙂  RJ (our little pirate) had a blast knocking on doors and screaming “TRICK OR TREAT!”, while Grae the Fearless Lion giggled and ROARED as he got pulled around in a big wagon full of blankets.

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