“Be Very Happy”

We received terribly sad news last week.  Ian’s beloved grandmother peacefully left us to be with the angels on February 18th, 2013.  She was 86 years old. Ian wrote the most beautiful tribute for her, and I wanted so badly to share, in hopes that someday Graeson will be able to read the words and get a better sense of who is Great Nan is and just how special she is to our family.  We love you forever, Nan.

Rosina Pollard was my wonderful Nanny.  My Nan can’t be measured against any other. She has always been the source of an indescribable power and a light burns brighter with every amazing memory. Knowing that I carry a rich measure of her love allows me to stand tall in the face of any challenge. I could never have become the man, husband, son, and father my family deserves without her. I find myself asking how it will be possible to repay her for the honor it has been to have her by my side. I wonder how I will ever be able to find the words to describe her to my son when so few are worthy. If Nan were reading this I’m sure she would tell me not to worry and that someone as wonderful and handsome as her Grandson won’t have any trouble. She had a way of making me feel 20ft tall. After looking for all of the things that could remind me of my Nan, I came across the frame of an engagement picture that my wife and I had left out for guests to sign at our wedding. I quickly looked from one small message to the next praying that my Nan had somehow found the time to sign it in all the commotion. After reading almost every message, I found my Nan. With tears in my eyes I read the words, “Be Very Happy,” as if she had somehow known exactly what I needed to hear.


I Love You with All That I Am and All I Ever Will Be, Nan.

Your Ian

Nan signing Nan Best Nan Cover Dancing w Patti Nan on My Knee 2 Nan on My Knee Keeping an eye on things Me Mum Nan Mum Dancing w Nan Mum Spinning Nan Nan and Jenn Dancing Nan and Khyle 2 Nan and Khyle Nan Cheering Nan Group Nan in Group Pic Nan in Leather Chair Nan in Spin Nan line dance 1 Nan Mid Spin Nan side group Pic Nan Thats Better

3 thoughts on ““Be Very Happy”

  1. We are sorry to hear of the loss of Ian’s Grandma. We are so fortunate to have met her at your wedding. She did seem like a very special lady and we will always have the happy memories of her.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know the pain all to familiar. I pray for peace for your family. It is so wonderful that you guys are able to cherish such perfect memories of her.

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