Cookin’ Up Some Family Fun!

In honor of Father’s Day, we hosted the 2nd Annual Family Cook-Off.  Because it was Daddy Day, we let Grandpa Choo Choo name the competition.  He decided on BEEF.  Everybody takes this silly competition very seriously, which makes for some of the most delicious meals ever created.  It’s all in good fun, and although we made official score cards this year, we never can choose just one winner. 😉  I think next time we will need to invite an unbiased party to judge.

It was an amazing day- full of family fun, friendly competition, and lots of laughter.  Memories were made that will never be forgotten.  Thanks to everyone who participated! Keep your game faces on for the next throw down!

2 thoughts on “Cookin’ Up Some Family Fun!

  1. I Won !! Mielke’s always keep Score … Kason came in 2nd by .5 !! So Step it up Gordy’s ! Good Luck in 2014

  2. That looked like a fun day! Wish we were there to enjoy it with you. You must have worn Grae out. Such a good picture, Didn’t see any pictures of Ian’s parents. How is his Dad doing? We are glad you have all practiced your cooking skills as we can’t wait to sample it. Love you.

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