Got Milk?

Our summer was full of exciting adventures and first time experiences.  As we are looking back, it seems one of us had a few more experiences than the rest.  One day we took a trip to Green Meadows Farm.  During our time there, Buttons the Cow was kind enough to show the boys exactly where the milk we drink every day comes from.  In an attempt to show Liam how warm her milk was, I playfully squirted some on his arm.  Little did we know, this playful squirt turned into a more serious discovery.  Got Milk?








In light of this new evidence, Liam was asked a simple question: Did you taste Button’s milk?

Without missing a beat, Liam coyly batted his eyelashes and said, “No…”

We quickly presented EXHIBIT B.  He immediately stopped batting his eyelashes and just as quickly as he had denied the allegations, he smiled and exclaimed, “IT WAS GOOD!”