I have a dozen half-finished blog posts sitting in my draft folder right now and haven’t published a single one- they are scattered and boring.

And, I think I know why.

Our life is ANYTHING but boring right now.


My every day life has transformed into a huge source of creativity.  I wake up thinking about things I want to accomplish. I go to bed thinking about the next day. It is hard work in the best way and I love it. I’m living and breathing my dream.  I get to spend every day with my children- we are making stuff and going places, and generally having a ball. My science consulting business has hit the ground running and I haven’t even had a chance to come up for air.  18 weeks pregnant, and, we are FOSTERING again!

Two weeks ago, we were blessed with a new little boy to love and cherish while he was in foster care. Little JayJay is two years old.  We picked this angel baby up from the burn unit from an Atlanta Hospital because he has  second and third degree burns from his knees to the bottoms of his feet.  I was instructed how to care for his wounds and change the dressings.  As the nurse unwrapped his legs, I got so dizzy and light headed, I had to hold myself up on his bed.  When the job was done, I walked out of the room and silently sobbed in the hallway.  How do these things happen to babies?  They say he was left unsupervised with a running bath…

But, with very little confidence, we have learned together. We overcame our fears. We have nursed this baby back to health and he’s even walking around our house now! I’ve never felt like I’ve accomplished something so great.

He has proven to be a fighter.  He’s strong. He knows what he wants and how to get it.  He is hilarious and dramatic and smart.  He was set to go back to live with his grandmother tomorrow, but we were told yesterday that this is now very unlikely.  His grandmother asked Dizzle and I to be JayJay’s Godparents.  She said that we are his guardian angels. 😉 How cool. She seems like she loves him to pieces, so we know if he does go home to her, he will be safe.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 12.14.42 AM

~   ~   ~

Tomorrow is Halloween! We have a full day of family fun planned, so we better get to bed.

Here’s to yet another scattered, random post. Thanks for hanging with me. 🙂

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  1. Grandpa Jack and I say, “What a busy household!”. You and Ian are doing a super job caring for three darling little guys. We sure enjoy the pictures and updates. Glad to hear your business is doing well. You are so creative! We love you.

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