Countdown to Baby Girl: 5 weeks

35 weeks!

I am officially uncomfortable. It seems this little princess has decided to settle down further in my hips and back and all of a sudden POW! I feel like a legit pregnant woman. The whole “I’m really truly pregnant” feeling came on so suddenly this week but I can’t get comfortable, my hips and pelvis feel so ache-y and sore all of the time now.  I’m also having regular contractions and overall I can just feel my body really starting to prepare for the fact that this little girl will be making her entrance into the world soon.

I had a fantastic midwife appointment last week- everytime I leave I have the biggest smile plastered across my face. The midwives at my practice are so informed, so encouraging, so patient – I feel like it’s a medical appointment and a therapy session all in one. As of yesterday, I’ve actually LOST a pound – that makes my total weight gain 19 pounds. Because her head is now what they call “Fully Engaged” and sitting directly on my pubic bone, they made another appointment for me to go in for an internal exam to check her progress on Monday.  And, I’ve got weekly appointments from here until my due date so that we can monitor things closely. I’ve been told to be ready for her at any time!

We love you, Baby Girl!  And we cannot wait to meet you!!