Last week of freedom :)

I start teaching again one week from today- I cannot believe how fast summer flew by!  I didn’t tell any of my students that I was expecting last school year- so I’m preparing myself for the multitude of comments and questions from my ever-so-curious kids.  Also, when the Headmaster asked if I was pregnant in May, I acted completely offended and asked him why he would say that- he was mortified,  apologized over and over, then scurried off down the hall, red-faced.  Trust me, this is a typical conversation in our professional relationship, however, usually the joke is on me! 😉  (And all of the other teachers and principals are completely aware of baby, and the joke on Mr. B).  I can only imagine what his plan of revenge will entail when I come in to work next Monday.  Whatever it is, it will have been worth it to see that look on his face. 🙂  We have such a great work family, I don’t know how I got that lucky.  And I feel even more fortunate to be able to have Baby be a part of it.

We dropped our foster daughters off at a week long sleep away camp this past weekend.  So, in addition to my last week of summer vacay, we also have  a week all to ourselves! We slept in until 10:30 today!!  First time in MONTHS that I haven’t been wide awake at 7:30.  We have been enjoying it so much already! (Although, even on our “break,” we noticed we are talking about them all the time- wondering what they are doing, if they are having fun at camp, etc).  I can only imagine how hard it will be to drop our own son off at camp for the first time!  🙂

Yesterday was another one of those days where I felt like I could actually see my belly grow!  I told Ian last night that my belly grew a lot during the day, he started laughing and said he noticed the same thing yesterday afternoon, but didn’t think that I would appreciate a comment like that. 🙂  We will post pics soon.


Baby kicks

It seems like every day our incredible next door neighbors are knocking on our door with more of the cutest baby things imaginable.  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have such great friends.  They have saved us thousands of dollars in baby necessities. Yesterday they brought us over an inflatable rubber-duckie swimming pool and an activity mat for baby, and the day before, they brought over this GORGEOUS Bertini bassinet.  If I could only figure out where to find this Valencia pattern, the whole nursery would be decorated like this.  I love it.  Not to mention the bassinet rocks and plays five different songs to help soothe the baby to sleep.  I think this will be one of his favorite places.


Our new bassinet given to us by our wonderful neighbors


Little Numero Uno is now strong enough to make my belly visibly move when he kicks.  Yesterday I had a bowl of chili sitting on my baby bump while I was eating lunch.  This obviously was not to his liking because I took my hands off of it for a split second and he kicked it off, spilling tomato sauce all over my white shirt.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  When Ian got home, baby showed off his new trick to his daddy, who was just as amazed as I was- No tomato sauce involved this time.

Tomorrow is our 25 week doctor appointment.  I can’t wait to find out how big he is now.  🙂  We will make sure to let you know what we find out.