The Stinky Hand

Smart and stylish, our little man has started to flirt with the camera.  He is working on developing a smile for every occasion- some big, some small.  He watches intently as we describe the pictures on his blankets, as if he understands perfectly.  He stays awake for 15 hour stretches on the regular now- but is doing much better sleeping through the night as well.  His favorite past time is to suck on his entire right hand, which we affectionately refer to as his “stinky hand”.  We have to wash it frequently to avoid the aroma of sour milk. 😉  He has had that stinky hand in his mouth ever since our first ultrasound picture.  The hand seems to have a mind of its own and has taken to running interference on the bottle as it approaches his mouth.  Even Grae seems to get annoyed by it delaying his next meal by a few extra seconds.  “Damn that stinky hand!”

Even before he was born he was a fist sucker 😉