Summer vacation is coming to a close…

I love being pregnant. I love feeling my little baby boy move around, interact with me, and push his little feet into my belly so I can actually see them. My time with baby is most special, however, at night.  That is the time when Ian is home from work and our small little family is all together.  It is the time when baby wakes up to have a little uninterrupted time with his mommy and daddy. It’s the time I look forward to, since he sleeps most of the day.

Having the summer off has allowed me to relish in every tiny detail of being pregnant.  My day is consumed by feeling him kick, squirm and somersault around inside of me.  I am dreading going back to work to teach in two weeks.  Not because I don’t want to see my students who I’ve missed dearly, but because most of my time will be spent concentrating on my students instead of obsessing about every time baby moves.

It does seem though, that he is going to be making his appearance at the perfect time of the school year.  I will only teach for 45 days before his due date.  I work at a Jewish Day School, and the Jewish holidays work out so I will have the majority of October (and even a few days in September) off.  I will then take 12 weeks off for maternity leave, then return with only 3 months left of school before summer vacation.   And, the best part of returning to work in February– baby will be coming with me.  I couldn’t imagine leaving him with a nanny or in daycare at such a young age.  Instead he will come with me to work and spend his time in the baby room nursery with three of the most special, warm, loving nursery mommas around.  Two of the teachers that I work with are also having their first babies around the same time my little bumblebee is due.  Their babies will also be in the baby room and I’m sure they will all be best friends right from the start.