Weeble Wobble or Humpty Dumpty?

(Please read this post in your best whiny, complaining voice for me)

In my 39 week misery (yes, this is the first day I’ve actually been miserable pregnant), I walked by the mirror in my purple sweat pants with my tee shirt pulled way up over my belly (it just feels less restrictive), and I actually gasped.  I stood there staring at my shocking reflection. My shadow is like an exaggerated monster.  I don’t know who I look more like- a Weeble Wooble or Humpty Dumpty!  How did my stomach become this huge?  My skin is so stretched that it actually hurts to touch; it even hurts when clothing touches it.  The bump is so heavy that I have to prop it up with pillows and blankets when laying on my side.  I have stopped even attempting to lay on my back, as I feel like my lungs just might collapse under the weight. On top of all that fun stuff- I THINK MY MORNING SICKNESS THAT ENDED AT 13 WEEKS CAME BACK FOR THE LAST LAUGH!  Argh!

Full-term pregnancy, how lucky I am to be here, but you are the polar opposite of comfort.