Only 31 weeks to go! ;)

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My baby is now considered a fetus, not an embryo and is an INCH long! Now, I know that doesn’t sound very big, but in just 9 weeks, think how much it has grown!  It blows my mind to read about the progress he or she is making each day.  Its not a lizard baby anymore, the tail is completely gone.  He is looking more and more human each day.  She has fully formed eyes and even eyelids, and her tongue is growing each day this week!  I can’t help but wonder if I am carrying twins, because of my extremely obvious belly-bump at such an early date.  I just can’t hardly wait for our doctor’s appointment in two weeks to find out why I’m showing so much already.  I had to go buy a Belly Band today at Target so my pre-pregnancy pants will still button!  Wow.  Everyone tells me you aren’t supposed to show until you are FOUR months along, not 9 weeks!  I notice people at work looking at my belly, people who I haven’t even told yet.  I can’t believe it is this obvious already.  We are going to make this very exciting news public when our first trimester is up, and I’m so excited this happens to be Mother’s Day! 🙂 How appropriate.