THE sonogram… not just any sonogram, today is THE BIG ONE!!

It is 8:55 am and we are getting ready to leave our house to go to our sonogram appointment!  I am so nervous I could hardly sleep at all last night.  As soon as the doctor tells us we have a healthy baby with all the right parts in all the right places, I’m sure the nervousness will all fade away and it will turn into pure excitement and joy.  We will be posting videos as soon as we can!

Click here for video on our way to our appointment:

It is now 1:19 pm and we just got home from our doctor appointment!  Neither of us has stopped smiling since hearing the wonderful news.   Our little one is healthy, heart beating at 150 beats per minute, and all of the measurements are perfect.  We can’t make the big announcement quite yet though… We want to make sure our families get first priority.  We will be posting pictures and videos and make the big announcement as soon as we have talked to all immediate family. 🙂  It is measuring at 20 weeks, 6 days, so baby is just a few days older than what we originally thought.  We love y’all and stay tuned- we can’t wait to share our news.

Our shy baby