The BIG announcement…

will be tomorrow.

We are driving up to Greenville, North Carolina for Ian’s little sister’s bridal shower in the morning.  The whole family will be together, so we are going to tell everyone then (and hopefully get it on video for Baby Mielke to see when “its” older).  😉  It is absolutely killing us to not call baby’s aunt, uncle, grandparents, and even great grandparents and blurt out our amazing news.    Hopefully we can wait just 24 more hours! (I’m not making any promises though, haha)

BUT… For those of you who really can’t wait and want to make an educated guess,  here’s a list of info from various wives tales (which range from making sense to being totally out there) that may help.  🙂

– I am carrying high.

-My belly looks more like a basketball than a watermelon.

– Horrible morning sickness during the entire first trimester… except it was morning, noon, and night.  But now, I am feeling GREAT!

– I could fall asleep on a rock in ten seconds at any point during the day.

– Ian’s father had two sons.

– I am having serious cravings, but never for the same thing twice.  For example, I HAD to have an ICEE from Target, but have never wanted one since.

– I lost 5 pounds during the first trimester.

-I lost two-tenths of a pound during the second trimester at 21 weeks.  (But , no worries- the doctor says baby is growing just right).

– My skin, hair and nails are fabulous!

– At 13 weeks, the heartbeat was 178 beats per minute.  At 21 weeks, the heartbeat was 150 beats per minute.

– I do not eat the heel of my bread loaves.

– The boob fairies have come to visit me, I am fairly certain.

-I haven’t had more than three headaches in 21 weeks.

– I love orange juice!

– If someone wants to look at my hands, I show them palm up.

– I use the handle when picking up my mug.

Good luck! You have a 50 percent chance of being right!

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