Things We Learned At Our Ultrasound Appointment :)

Well, we learned a few things during our ultrasound.

Baby has strong durable bones, a working bladder and ten fingers and toes.

The heartbeat is rapid and strong, and both Baby and Mom are in excellent health.

The due date remains on 11.11.11.

But that’s not what you really want to know, is it?

Is it?

Okay, well, if you must know …

Our baby is a ….










It couldn’t have been more clear.  When Ian asked the ultrasound technician what the chances of the ultrasound being wrong were, she responded with, “Well if it’s wrong, I will quit my job.”  🙂 So, I’m pretty sure we wont be returning any baby blue clothes.

He’s probably going to be a big boy, too – he’s measuring bigger than expected for the due date. Not enough to change the due date, but pretty close.

However, my weight gain (or loss) has been fantastic. I’m halfway through the pregnancy, and am still two tenths of a pound under my starting weight before becoming pregnant. This is awesome, especially since I’ve been working so hard to eat healthier and exercise more after finding out I was pregnant.  My midwife told me that now I can expect to start putting on quite a bit of weight (which I am looking forward to for the first time ever because more weight= chubby baby cheeks) 😉

I have felt like it was a boy right from the first day I found out I was pregnant, but to hear those confirming words left us both speechless.  We are overjoyed.  We can’t wait to meet our son.

Oh, BOY!!

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