Taking my baby boy up the East Coast :)

Today we hit the jackpot with baby goodies!  Our very generous next door neighbors have twin babies- a girl and a boy, about 11 months old. Today they gave us tons of baby stuff, and more is being sent our way!  We got the cutest car seat you have ever seen, two car seat bases for our cars, a jumping seat, a baby swing, a gorgeous bassinet, and even a play pen!! The crib is up in the nursery, and we are starting to accumulate so many things for him that his room is starting to look like something you would see on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive.   Right now, we are just getting everything in the room until we decide exactly how we will decorate, but soon I will post pictures.

My aunt, uncle and cousin also brought baby some of the cutest outfits from Baby Gap I have ever seen.  He even got his very first “I love my mommy” shirt!  He already has a few “Daddy” shirts, so I was starting to feel a little left out. 😉 He’s going to be super styling.

We are leaving this morning for our big road trip and the baby is stoked.  It is so strange, I swear it is like he knows something is happening.  I have been awake since 4:30 am because he is kicking so consistently hard that I can’t begin to sleep.

We will be on the road a lot for the next two weeks, so more than likely I will not be updating my blog very often for a while, but never fear- we will be back blogging soon.  XO.


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