And it begins!

Last night as we laid in bed, Ian put his hands on my belly in attempt to feel the little one move, as I am constantly screeching with excitement every time I feel him. I moved his hand low and to the left and said “He is kicking right here.” A moment later Ian’s voice raced with excitement as he said “Was that him!?” “yes” I said in the dark. Even with my back to him, I could feel the energy from his smile.

Yesterday we officially started to assemble the nursery. We put Baby Boy’s crib together- it took us 2 hours, but it was definitely worth all of the time.  Just having the crib up makes this pregnancy even more real.  Somedays I can’t imagine not being pregnant, and others I have to remind myself in just a few short months, we will have a new member of our family.  Lately, I have been shopping for baby clothes, and I have to say, it is definitely one of my new most favorite things to shop for.  You can’t go wrong- everything you pick up is absolutely darling!  I think the baby already has more clothes than his daddy.

Also, along the lines of being productive (baby-wise, anyway), we think we have picked out his name! Although, I have to warn you, we will not be sharing it until we are absolutely certain.  We are still open for any suggestions for Baby Mielke- as long as no one suggests “2 percent” or “Chocolate” again.  Haha!

Tomorrow, we are going to pick up my Aunt Jacque, Uncle Mitch and Cousin Gabbey at the airport, and the following day, we are all leaving for a family road trip up the east coast!  I couldn’t be more excited, although everyone just might want to kill me by the time we get there- Baby requires frequent potty breaks. 😉 Our foster daughters have never been out of the state of Georgia, so they are beside themselves with the opportunity to see Washington D.C., New York City, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Myrtle Beach.

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