Wedding Season!! :)

Contractions have stopped (THANK GOD!) and my energy level is back to normal- as in pre-pregnancy normal!!  Someone must be looking out for us!  Our baby boy is kicking stronger than ever, and his newest trick is to stretch his foot out of my belly as far as he can- so far that I can actually SEE the form of his chubby little foot.  I’ve been feeling great and am praying this good luck continues- we are way too busy for any complications for the next few weeks. 😉

Tomorrow we are leaving for Charleston, South Carolina- Ian’s sister is getting married!!  We couldn’t be happier for her and her soon-to-be husband.  It is kind of weird that in just a couple of days, Baby will have a brand new uncle! 🙂  We are so excited to spend time and celebrate with our families, enjoy the beach, and maybe even get a little King Street shopping in for finishing touches on Little Man’s nursery. 🙂

The following week (one week from today, actually) we are going back to my hometown- JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN-for one of my best friend’s weddings!  Although I’m not too anxious to get on the plane at 32 weeks pregnant, I CANNOT WAIT to see my old friends.  The most insane thing of all-Ian and I have been together for 6 years and hasn’t even met the beautiful bride before!  Geesh! Actually, this will only be the second time Ian has ever gone back “home” with me.  We have all kinds of fun stuff planned–just to name a few– we get to meet our GODSON, LJ, for the FIRST TIME EVER and we are getting maternity photos taken by one of the most talented photographers- Jessica Gutzman!  Not to mention, getting to see some of our very best friends and some of the most important people in our lives!

The week after we get back, we will be celebrating our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! 🙂 If Baby is still feeling up to it, we are going back down to Jekyll Island, where we tied the knot last September 25th, to spend one of our last weekends together without kids. 🙂

I’ll post more baby bump photos soon- as quite a few people have pointed out to me  at work (thanks a lot ;))- I am getting noticeably bigger each day.  🙂


Dre and Dizz

Our September wedding under the majestic live Oaks-perfect memories.


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