Watch me grow week by week

As we are nearing the end of this pregnancy (only 11 days until his ETA), I thought I’d show off my ever growing baby thus far.  If we continue to make our weekly picture day, I will continue to update with new pictures.

However, quite a few people are betting that we will not make it through this week- he’s been dropping further everyday, and I’ve been having regular (well, almost regular) contractions for the last two days. I’m on high alert, and even the  smallest change makes me call my mom in a panic asking her if I’m in labor.  Thank goodness she has a lot of patience. 😉

We will see 🙂 Anyone wanna make any bets??  I’m still hoping he holds onto that AWESOME due date- 11.11.11!



38 Weeks

Only 14 days until our baby boy’s due date! I cannot believe how fast this is going (I know I just keep saying that, but JEEZ, it seems like just yesterday I found out we were pregnant!)

The big thing that happened at our appointment today-  “INDUCTION” was pretty much the main idea. Apparently, next Friday (at our 39 week appointment), the midwife will check my cervix again, and if it is “favorable” for labor- which means 3 cm dilated, and more than 50% effaced, she will want to induce me on the following Monday, November 7!  This is a little (ok, a lot) terrifying, because when I was checked two weeks ago I was already 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!  If, however, my cervix is not favorable, the induction will be scheduled for the following Monday- November 14!

I truly hadn’t even let the word “INDUCE” into my brain up until today.  It really caught me off guard, because all we have heard from the very same midwife throughout our entire pregnancy is that they do not believe in inducing women under 41 weeks.  I have no idea why the tune changed.

I don’t even know how I feel about the idea of being induced.  She said about 35% of women with first time babies need to be induced.  She said that by inducing women, it increases the chance of an emergency C-section from 20-25% to 30-35%.  Technically, the whole idea of giving birth makes me a little woozy at this point in time.  Hopefully, when Grae is ready to come out, I am able to remain somewhat calm and clearheaded.  Even as she was discussing the possibility of inducing me, I started feeling faint and sweaty…WTH am I going to do when its time for this little man to actually come out!?!?!

On a happier note, I hadn’t gained any weight since my last appointment and my blood pressure is perfect.  Baby is also still head-down, and there is a very little chance of him flipping back around at this point (he’s getting too big).

We’ll keep ya posted! 🙂





What’s in the hospital bag??

Time to answer another question– What did you pack in your hospital bag??

Well, I can share what we have packed in our bag, but honestly, I won’t have a great answer to this question until AFTER we come home from the hospital.  Afterall, this is our first time doing this… Maybe all you expert mommies out there can fill ME in on a good answer to this question. 🙂

I’ll share what we have already packed- and if anyone else has any  suggestions- we would LOVE to hear them!

1. Pillows

2. Blankets

3. Car seat (the hospital wont let you leave without one)

4. Snacks and drinks- (bottled water, gatorade, granola bars)

5. Towels (2 packed in the bag, 1 out in the car- in case my water breaks in there- a great suggestion from our midwife)

6. A baby towel for Grae- he will be getting his first bath there and we don’t want his first bathing experience to be less than perfect due to a rough towel. 🙂

7. Toiletries, Nightgowns, T-shirt, sweatpants, clothes to wear home, warm clothes, socks with grippers on the bottom to walk the hospital halls, bathing suit tops for the whirlpool birthing tub and trunks for Ian, and a button up shirt for Ian.  The nurse told us that immediately following Grae’s birth, in case I am unable to warm him using skin-to-skin contact (in case of an emergency), it will be Ian’s job.  She said “Please bring a button down shirt so you don’t tear your shirt off like Tarzan.” 🙂
8. Multiple outfits for Baby- one in newborn size, one in 0-3 month size to ensure a proper fit.  He needs one outfit for pictures (a photographer comes to the room to take his first pictures at the hospital we are going to) and one outfit for him to wear home.

9. Hair ties and chapstick

10. Bobby pillow (recommended for first time moms who are planning to nurse) and receiving blankets

11. Music and camera

We would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations! Did we pack to much? Did we forget anything?



Do you Pin?

I’m completely obsessed- maybe even slightly addicted…it’s like having bookmarks all over the Internet.  Recipes, DIY projects, holiday decorations, even great ideas for teachers!  It is so inspiring- I am constantly amazed at people’s pure brilliance.  You know, the things that make you wish you’d thought of that.  The things that are so simple, yet so very clever– and that somehow make your life SO. MUCH. BETTER.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, go to and check it out.  It really is a fun way to waste a lot of time.

If you want to start your own “account” for lack of a better word, let me know your email address and I will send you an invitation.  🙂

“Home from the hospital” outfit

With only 17 days until Grae’s due date, we have started packing up our hospital bag (apparently it was recommended to do this at the end of the second trimester… but we are running a little behind).  The best thing in that bag that we have packed so far is the outfit that he will wear home from the hospital!  We wanted this to be “classic”- something that will never go out of style- and something that matched his room, because we plan on putting it in a display box when he outgrows it. (I found this idea on PINTEREST, which I will talk all about in another post because I’m slightly addicted).

Coming home outfit display idea 🙂

Here is the outfit that we picked out for him! Get your cameras ready for this handsome little man, Grandma and Grandpa! 🙂



As we near the due date, I can’t help but feel a little heavyhearted.  I feel like my pregnancy with my first baby has gone way too fast- having him all to myself.  I love knowing that he is a part of my husband and a part of me, and I am growing him inside of my body- he and I are as close to “one” as we will ever be. As much as I cannot wait for him to get here- I already know that I will miss feeling him roll around when his favorite song is on the radio, and how he kicks when I tickle my belly.  Most of all, I will miss him being with me every single second of every single day, knowing that he is completely safe.

Anyway, before I get completely swept away in the joys of motherhood- I wanted to reminisce a little about all of the fun I’ve had carrying this perfect little boy in my belly.

March 8, 2011–The day it all started… the best day of my life so far.

The BEFORE picture 😉

Two weeks before finding out I was pregnant, I “booked” 3 baby goats to come visit my kids at school… they arrived three days after finding out we were expecting and I was absolutely terrified the entire time that I might pass a goat disease to the baby… LOL… looking back now, I realize how foolish this was… Just think how overprotective I’m gonna be when he is born! 

March 19, 2011- The day we shared our BIG news with my family 🙂 

Morning sickness starts… the only thing that sounds good at all is Life Cereal.  I took that box with me everywhere. 

And, sometimes I even decided to share 😉

May 12, 2011- The first time we laid eyes on our little bean

June 30th, 2011- The day we found out we were having a BOY!!!

August 21, 2011- His name is official- There is no turning back now, we painted it on the walls 🙂 Graeson Royce Mielke it is!

September 14, 2011- The first time we got to see his handsome face

Now we are anxiously awaiting his due date (November 11, 2011), or more importantly, the day he decides to make his entrance into the world…   What a great journey we have been on together and in so many ways, the best parts have not yet begun. 🙂

After picture (SO FAR) 37 weeks 🙂

Our Hospital Tour

Yesterday we went to the Women’s Center for a tour of the building where I will be giving birth to our baby boy.  I’m glad we went- it really helped clear up a lot of confusion, questions, and just helped ease the fear of the unknown.  On our way there we practiced our route as if it were the real thing.  Ian even asked if he should stop at the red lights.  :0) (I reminded him it would be good if we arrived ALIVE.)  We were one of 6 couples on the tour, and 5 of 6 of us were having boys!  Our tour guide showed us around the hospital- everything from the cafeteria, to the waiting rooms, to the gift shops- so we would be able to direct our family and friends.  The next stop was the labor and delivery floor. Ian and I were pleasantly surprised by the birthing suites- so comfy and roomy- it almost even felt like home.  We were thinking it would be a cold, sterile, typical hospital room. Instead, it had soothing paint on the walls (not the standard bright white), wood furniture, a television, recliners and rocking chairs, a wall of windows, a huge open area for labor and delivery, and a huge bathroom that even has a birthing tub and a big shower.  We will have the baby in that room, stay for about 2 hours to stabilize, then will be moved upstairs to our own private room for the next 24-48 hours (which is equally as nice!)  The nurse gave us a lot of ideas of what to bring in our hospital bag- things that we had never even thought of, so that was also helpful. We have lots of packing to do. 🙂

Full Term!

The doctor confirmed that the baby has indeed dropped- her exact words being “He has really dropped! You are getting so close!” Ahh!! As excited as I am, I’m starting to get a little anxious!  All my tests from last week came back negative- no diseases or bacteria that shouldn’t be around our little manfant- so that means no planned C-sections (which I hear is a good thing, but part of me was kinda hoping for a C-section instead of the alternative ;)) .  The scale reads WAY too close to 200 lbs when I step on the damn thing now- let me tell you- NOT my favorite part of the visit.  We got to listen to his heartbeat, which she said sounded great, and as before, he is measuring just as he should be, and she estimates that he is between 6 and 6.5 pounds now (although there is no way for her to be sure).

The best two words that were said today:  “FULL TERM!!!”   YAY!!!

The worst words said today: “He is now the size of a watermelon!”    GOOD GRACIOUS!

(pictures soon :))