35 weeks :)


The countdown is on– 3o days until Baby Grae’s due date!


One of my second grade students (a little girl) raised her hand in class yesterday and asked, “Mrs. Mielke, is your baby a girl or a boy?”

I replied- “He’s a little boy.”  She sat there, contemplated it for a bit, then raised her hand again.

“Yes, Molly?”

“But, how do you know it’s a boy?”

“Well, because the doctor told me it was.”

“But… I still don’t understand- how did the doctor know?”  (Dead pan, straight faced- asking these completely innocent questions out of pure curiosity)

“They took a picture, kind of like an x-ray of my belly, called an ultrasound. They were able to see the baby and they told me that he was a boy.”

“How can the doctor tell the difference between boys and girls?”

“Ummmm… well…how do you know you are a girl and not a boy?”

“MRS. MIELKE!! All babies look the same! Even girl babies have short hair!”

I just smiled at her and moved on with my lesson.



She came into my office today at lunch with her face bright red.  She said… “Mrs. Mielke, I know how doctors can tell the difference now. I thought about it all night.”

LOL!  I love kids.