Backyard progress

Today Ian and his brother built the second flower box around our deck! We are getting closer each weekend to our finished backyard, thanks to all the help from our wonderful families!! 🙂 We couldn’t do it without you–especially since lately my only contributions have been sitting, watching, and maybe offering some constructive criticism occasionally (aside from planting the flowers in the flower boxes). 😉 Thank you so much, Mom, Dad and Khyle! We love you all!

The flower boxes!!

A few of our favorite maternity photos! :)

We have one busy weekend planned.  Ian has to take his teacher certification test this morning which will take a couple of hours, then getting our house cleaned up a bit, then hanging out with Khyle and Brittny (Ian’s older brother and his gorgeous girlfriend) and maybe even go to a first birthday party for one of Ian’s best friend’s babies- one of the cutest babies ever I might add.  Then tomorrow we get to see our friends and family at our baby shower that my best friend, Brittany and her sister, Kelly are throwing for us!  We love you girls!

In addition to all that, we got our disc of maternity photos back in the mail a couple of days ago!  They turned out great- not that I had any doubts- our photographer (Jessica Gutzman) is kind of a rockstar :)!  Yesterday we got some developed to put in the frames hanging on the wall in the baby nursery.  I wanted to share just a few of our favorites today, and I’ll be posting the rest soon!