Our very big, very little, absolutely wonderful surprise

Tonight, a precious baby boy was born two months premature.  His parents are two of our very best friends and when his Daddy called to tell us the news, he also dropped the information that he and his fiance have chosen Ian and I to be the baby’s Godparents!  Little Elijah David is 4 lbs 0 oz, and has been transferred to a NICU at a bigger hospital because his lungs are not fully developed, however they have already been able to turn his oxygen down!  He is a fighter.  Ian made it clear to John (Elijah’s Daddy) that even though Elijah was born first, that does not make him older than Grae. 😉 The competitions are starting already and Grae isn’t even here yet. 🙂 I know they will be best friends for life just like their parents. 🙂 Please keep John, Nicole and Baby Elijah in your prayers.  We love you Elijah and cannot wait to meet you!  I’ll post a picture as soon as I get one.


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