11-11-11… Grae’s AWESOME due date is two hours from being over and still no significant signs of labor.  We did have our 40 week PRE-OP appointment today since I will be getting induced on Monday!  The midwife performed another internal exam and found that my cervix is 70% effaced, really soft, and almost 2 cm dilated!  She said that my belly is measuring perfectly, but upon feeling him in there she pointed out that he is taking up the entire space, up and down and side to side, and estimated that he is a little over 8 pounds already!  AHhh!  She said my blood pressure is “beautiful” and I have actually lost 5 pounds since last week’s appointment (I have NO idea how that happened), which means that I will have gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy.  She then explained the induction procedure-which I’m not going to lie- sounded a little intimidating.  I’m going to have to build up my courage before Monday… that, or pray that the baby comes on his own this weekend.  If getting induced is the plan, we will go to the Women’s Center at 8:00 pm on Monday night and they will insert Cervidil which will help my cervix thin and soften the rest of the way- they call this “ripening.”  That insert stays in for 12 hours (although sometimes that in itself causes women to go into labor).  The midwife told me that because I have a posterior cervix, this could be a painful procedure (Scary).  After the twelve hours (8:00 am Tuesday), they will start the Pitocin, which will begin my contractions.  This could take anywhere from an hour to twelve or more hours before the baby is ready for birth.  I will have to be in active labor- which means 4 or more cm dilated- before they give me an epidural (More Scary).  Then, when I am having regular, strong contractions it will be time to push (SCARIEST).  Anyway- at some point on Tuesday, we should be holding our precious baby boy that we have waited our whole lives for.  We are getting so excited we can hardly stand it!

Hurry up, Grae Baby!

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