How time flies…10 days old

Grae’s first week has been unbelievable.  We already can’t remember a time that he wasn’t a part of our family, and yet at other times, we just look at each other in disbelief- it still hasn’t fully sunk in that this perfect angel is really OURS. FOREVER.   Grae’s mommy has officially entered the world of CRAZY— she frequently just stares at her baby and cries because he is growing up too fast.

Day 7 was especially hard.  I just want him to stay this size forever.  Each day he changes just a little bit more.  We took our first long road trip to Grandma and Granddad Gordy’s for Thanksgiving and he slept the entire way.

On day 8, he started becoming more alert- focusing his eyes on objects close to his face. He also had his first professional newborn photos taken.  He did a great job demonstrating his digestive system skills- we went through three of the photographer’s pretty white blankets in a matter of minutes, and he made a pretty surprise down the front of Daddy’s shirt when we took his diaper off to get a nude photo. Oops.

On day 9, his hair seemed to grow right before our eyes- and we are becoming more and more convinced that Mommy’s wish is coming true- he has his momma’s red hair. 🙂 Granddad and Uncle Cason have nicknamed him Ginger Midget… How rude!  (Grae- you can get them back when you get a little bigger!)

Day 10 was an especially big day- he lost his umbilical cord stump!  AND his bilirubin levels are finally in the normal range which means we don’t have to take him to the hospital anymore to have his blood drawn! YAY!! 🙂 He also has been “smiling” in his sleep all day… I know these gorgeous grins are not purposeful at this point- but they still melt my heart just the same.

Graeson is the happiest baby.  He doesn’t cry and he sleeps all the time.  Last night he only woke up one time at 4:30 am to eat and went directly back to sleep.  I can’t believe how lucky we are.  I didn’t know it was possible, but he gets cuter each time I look at him.  I am quickly discovering that the love for your child is different than anything else in the world.

❤ So incredibly blessed.

We have celebrated many “firsts” this week- here are the highlights:

First trip in an elevator

First time outside

First ride in a car

First time in his new house

First time at the grocery store

First bath

First nail clipping

First walk in a stroller

First trip to a restaurant

First time getting professional pictures taken

First trip to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s

First trip to the pediatrician


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