Grae’s first two weeks

Graeson went to the doctor today for a weight check and one last bilirubin test for his jaundice.  He has gained 13 OUNCES since his 1 week check up- putting him right at 9.0 pounds now!  His bili levels are still dropping, which is great news- and he didn’t even cry when they drew his blood.  What a champ.

He is starting to really focus on objects.  He looks deep into our eyes and studies every move we make.  He is eating so much- about 4 ounces every hour or two, and is sleeping less and less.  The only time he cries is when he is hungry… he’s still incredibly laid back and easy to take care of.  He has decided that he loves baths, car rides, and being wide awake from midnight until 3:00 am.

Some things just leave me with my mouth hanging open… yesterday he grabbed ahold of his bottle with both hands and held it, all by himself, in his mouth for a good five seconds.  Is this a type of baby instinct?! Wow.

He blows my mind.  🙂

2 weeks old

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