Grae’s third week

I can’t believe you are already three weeks old, Baby G!  You are getting so strong- you now pick your head up and look us right in the eye when we are holding you on our chests.  You have also been getting very vocal- if you are awake you are making noise- usually the manliest grunts I’ve ever heard.  Your daddy and I burst out laughing all the time because we can’t believe those noises are coming out of such a tiny baby!  You also have started crossing your eyes and sticking your tongue out at us- you are such a goofball already 🙂

We love you, Graeson!

Here are a few pictures from your second week of life.  🙂

Picking your head up (not a very good picture, but look how strong you are already!)

You make me smile 🙂

I couldn't resist these little Italian looking britches 🙂 They were the first item of clothing I bought for you. 🙂

Look at those big, beautiful eyes! Those eyes have really started to follow things now- you LOVE watching the salt water aquarium next to your bassinet

Your daddy accused me of being mean to you when I took this picture instead of picking you up. 🙂 I couldn't help myself- that's the cutest face I've ever seen! But don't worry, I picked you up right after I snapped the photo. 🙂

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