Chunky Monkey- Grae’s 4th week

December 15, 2011~

We just got back from Graeson’s 1 month well check up.  His pediatrician told him he was “magnificent.”  As his very biased Momma, I had to agree that MAGNIFICENT is the perfect word to describe him. 🙂

She then asked Ian and I if we had any concerns- and I told her how he is super hungry all the time.  She wasn’t at all concerned and explained that his hunger is a good thing, indicating he is healthy, and eating is his only job at this time in his life.

I proceeded to tell her just how hungry he really is.   I explained when I nurse him, he eats for 30 minutes on each side and still acts hungry.  I told her how this makes me stress out because I don’t know if he is getting enough food, so I started pumping in order to monitor just how much he eats.  On this schedule, I know he eats 4 ounces every hour or two… which is more than a 6 month old baby requires!

I could see the shock in her eye, the look of “surely this crazy new mom is exaggerating!” When Ian and I convinced her that this truly was the case, she told me to stop pumping and let him eat for 15 minutes total… if he is still hungry, I should supplement 1 ounce from a bottle.  She thinks I might be “misreading his signs, mistaking gas pains for hunger.”  HAH!  I mean… he headbutts us while giving himself HICKIES because he is sucking so hard on his arms, and REFUSES to suck on a pacifier- but I suppose its possible I’m mistaking hunger signs… I’ll try her way and see how it goes… I’ll give it my honest-to-goodness- best… but I’m tellin’ ya right now, my hungry hippo is NOT going to have it.

After all this talk about food, it was then time to put Grae on the scale.

My mouth is still hanging open from what we found.

ELEVEN POUNDS, 7 OUNCES, placing him in the 90 percentile!! Ummm… woah.

At least I now can relax- I finally am convinced he’s getting plenty to eat.  😉

We also learned he is 22.25 inches long- which means he’s grown 2.75 inches in 4 weeks! However, he is only in the 30% for height, as well as his head circumference (37.5 cm).

The pediatrician also told us we should now start giving him a multivitamin drop each day.  I’m assuming Grae’s not going to be a fan of that either. (I’ll save my story about buying that multivitamin for another day.)

Besides having one fluffy, pleasantly plump baby boy, it was great to hear that he is perfectly healthy and meeting and surpassing all developmental milestones.  But seriously- is there anything cuter than baby fat?!

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