Review on NapiNol Topical Ointment

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try and review a new, all natural topical ointment called NapiNol.  This product promised to heal cracked, dry skin on nursing mothers and babies, so I couldn’t wait to try it.

I’m not getting paid for the following review, I was only sent a 3 ounce container of the product. So, what I’m trying to say is I MEAN every word that I write about this stuff.

With that being said- it is FABULOUS.  Seriously.  I would buy this even if I didn’t have a baby. First of all, the smell is INTOXICATING.  You open the lid and you are surrounded by the most delicious vanilla aroma that I wanted to eat it… Okay- so in a way- I did eat it- I used it as chap stick on my lips.  It didn’t taste as good as it smells, however, it is a DIAPER RASH ointment after all, so I’m not really sure what I expected. 😉   It did make my lips, well, soft as a baby’s bottom though! haha

Graeson has never had a diaper rash (knock on wood), so I have yet to try it for that purpose, but he had a pretty nasty cradle cap going on all over his forehead and scalp.  I applied NapiNol to it twice a day for a week, and POOF- it is ALL GONE.

Also, it isn’t greasy.  It is easy to wipe off of your fingers after applying it.  Before this product arrived, I had been using the Medela Brand Lansinoh for cracked, chapped skin. It was so greasy, I ended up with grease spots all over my shirt and Grae’s outfits after each use- some of which wouldn’t even come out in the wash.

The last thing I love- NapiNol is 100% organic and uses an five ingredients- all natural healers including  beeswax and Coptis chinensis Franch- a fundamental Chinese herb used to treat skin problems, instead of a bunch of chemicals that I can’t pronounce. I feel good about using this on my sensitive skinned, ginger baby. 🙂

NapiNol helps reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and provide pain relief.

One container costs $21.95, but if you order now, you can save $5.00 off your order.

During checkout, simply enter the coupon code NAPINOL5 in the box.  The total will confirm the discounted price.

If you couldn’t tell- I highly recommend it.

Check it out:

2 thoughts on “Review on NapiNol Topical Ointment

  1. I use it, too! My son had a bad rash on his ear and cortisone cream wasn’t working. I tried NapiNol and it vanished literally over night. Now I just keep it on my desk at work and use it every time I wash my hands. It’s not greasy, you’re right! It’s also my chapstick, my eye cream, and my knee and elbow softener. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

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