Lessons on Life #2

Being Smart does NOT make you a nerd.

Your friends might tell you that school sucks, that it is boring, a waste of time. Some kids might be jealous and tease you about your good grades and devotion to learning. Don’t be swayed or pressured by anyone- FRIEND OR FOE.  I would love nothing more for you to have the self-confidence to look any of those fools straight in the eye and say something like “Let me know how being an illiterate dumb ass works for you.  Good luck with that.” (Although that may not go over so well in elementary school- we might need to modify it).

Education is a luxury, Son.  Sometimes we forget that in this country.  There are kids all over the world who would give their right arm to go to school, to learn to read.  Your only job as my child is to learn and do your best in school- that will be a requirement in our home.  Your challenge is to find joy and happiness in learning.  Fall in love with books.  Be inspired by science.  Relive history.

Trust me when I say that STUPID is NEVER sexy.  For some reason,  our country has promoted “cool, bad boys” as skipping school and smoking cigarettes and dumb, ditzy girls as a symbol of beauty.  Life doesn’t work out like that, Little Man.  That look may work for people temporarily- but it doesn’t work out in the end.  Take my word for it until you are old enough to see for yourself.  And when it is time for you to start dating and getting married, it is just as important to remember this when picking  a partner.   Choose wisely- choose someone that will challenge your mind with intellectual conversations, ideas and debates.  Your life will be enriched and you will always have plenty to talk about.

I love you, my little scholar. 😉

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