Has it really been that long?!

The magical place that we met 🙂

Ian and I met SIX years ago today!  I can’t believe it has already been six whole years, but on the other hand, I can’t remember a time without him.  When I think back to who we were when we met- I feel like it was a different lifetime.  We have grown and changed together more than I ever thought possible.  I never would have believed it if, six years ago, someone told me, “Tonight at 11:00pm, you will meet your soulmate, your future husband, the future father of your children, in the tackiest of Irish bars in downtown Athens.”

Before going to the bar, I had spent the evening studying for a physics exam and I was beyond frustrated.  I was having a slight mental breakdown, knowing that I was not prepared for the test- I couldn’t for the life of me understand the material. My best friend, Brittany was out on the town with some friends, and urged me to come meet up with her for a break.  Despite the fact that I was in my oldest hoodie, ripped jeans, hair a hot mess, and mascara running down my cheeks from my minor mental breakdown, I agreed.  Upon walking into Flanagans, Ian and I locked eyes.  I, in my most romantic, flirtatious voice, asked him where the bathroom was. 😉  Being the gentleman that he is (and the Flanagan’s regular), he showed me a “secret” bathroom, so I could avoid the long line.  That pretty much did it for me.  I was in love. HAH!   I found my way back to my friends and told Brittany about the mysterious bathroom man with the beautiful blue eyes.  She asked where he was and he was nowhere to be found.   A few minutes later, Ian walked in and started talking to some of the guys that I was out with!  Turns out that we had mutual friends! We spent the rest of the night talking and at the end of the evening, we exchanged phone numbers.  He called a couple days later and set up our first date.

Although we did MEET in a bar, we celebrate our anniversary on Superbowl Sunday- as our first date was at a Superbowl Party, cheering on the Steelers, shaking our terrible towels, with some great friends.  (It sounds a lot better, too- doesn’t it?!)  He took me for ice cream afterwards, and I knew he was the real deal.  We have pretty much been inseparable ever since.

And who says there is no such thing as love at first sight? 🙂

XOXO- Happy 6 years, Dizzle 🙂

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