A weekend of “firsts”

Grae’s weekend was chock-full of first time experiences, and like always, he handled himself like a champ.  We took him on an airplane and flew to Minnesota so he could meet his Great Grandma Odie.  We also got to introduce him to the entire Mielke family- all of his great aunts and uncles and all but one of his second and third cousins!  Even Ian doesn’t remember a time when his extended family was together in its entirety in one place, so it was an amazing opportunity.  Graeson also got to see a little snow and went swimming in a pool for the first time! He loved swimming so much, he fell asleep in the water! We had such a phenomenal weekend and Grae Baby LOVED meeting everyone.  He was happy as a clam getting passed around from person to person.  He was so tired at the end of the day he slept for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT on Friday night!  He was a rockstar on the plane- he didn’t make a peep either way.  The passengers sitting around us commented over and over about what a great baby he is at the end of both flights.  (You could see it in their eyes they were not so pleased about getting seated next to the infant on the way to their seats, so it was nice that they were pleasantly surprised at the end of the flight ;).) We were so proud of our little traveler.  When we got back to Atlanta, Ian and I gave each other a high-five. It was quite the confidence booster knowing that we survived- we made it all the way to Minnesota and back with our baby and it was flawless. Now, we can’t wait to do it again!

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