Infant at last!

Graeson is THREE months old today, which means he has now graduated from newborn to INFANT status!

My chunky monkey now weighs 16 pounds! His “hot dogs” (the rolls on his thighs) are completely irresistible.

He is staying alert for much longer periods of time, and has a long attention span.  He is completely entertained by his favorite “stations” that we have set up around our house (Johnny Jump Up, Floor mat with lots of toys dangling over his head that he can bat at, a blanket with a ball and rattle for tummy time, and a mirror so he can see the most amazing sight in the world- his face!)  Although, sometimes that baby in the mirror is mean to him and makes him cry. He is even starting to pick up some of his toys!

He is starting to show more personality and has learned to communicate his likes and dislikes quite well.  He is one of the most determined babies I have ever met.  He learned how to push buttons that play music in a matter of minutes on his new excer-saucer that Grandma and Grandpa got for him last weekend!  Its so neat to watch those wheels turning.  You can see the perseverance in his eyes when faced with a new task.

His first “play date” in the baby room is in two days.  Gahhh… I think I’m going to need a tranquilizer.  *Breathe, Mama, Breathe*

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