HE IS HERE!! And, he is adorable beyond words.  For the sake of his privacy, I will be calling the little dude RJ.  He arrived around 4:30, with clothes!  AND, we really got spoiled this time- not only were his clothes NOT covered in lice and who knows what else- they were clean and folded nicely, and he came with a beautifully written letter from his previous foster parents about all the little things that we need to know so we can best care for him.  He seems happy and well adjusted- and full of life and personality.  After introducing him to all of our hairy, feathered, and scaly beasts (and showing him his new room and new toys), we headed to his new school where he will be attending Pre-K.  I wanted to introduce him to his teachers and show him his classroom before dropping him off there tomorrow morning.  He said, “Wow- this looks like FUN!”  I’m sure he’s going to make LOTS of friends in no time.  We then went to the grocery store and I let him pick out a bunch of goodies that he likes to eat.  He got cupcakes and chocolate milk, but also picked out salad, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and chicken breasts.  We came home, made dinner, took a bath, read a bedtime story and then he was OUT LIKE A LIGHT.  He’s  had a big day, who can blame him.


On a different note, I’d like to point out Mr. Green, the frog stuffed animal, in the picture above. He comes with a short, heart warming story.

It was our very first time being foster parents.  We had completed all of the requirements and classes, and we waited and waited to be contacted about having children placed in our home.  Finally, we were contacted a week before Christmas with three siblings needing a home.  We quickly snatched them up.  Before it had even dawned on us that we would need to do some serious Christmas shopping in an extremely short period of time, two ANGELS from my mom’s work asked if they could “adopt” the children and buy Christmas gifts for them.  The frog was given to our 5 year old boy, and he affectionately named him Mr. Green.  He was the little guy’s best buddy.  He couldn’t sleep without him and he kept all the bad dreams away.  When it was time for that little boy (who was wise beyond his years) to go back to live with his own family, he requested that Mr. Green stay here and keep all of the kids that come to live with us safe and happy. Ever since, we keep Mr. Green sitting on the bed in our guest room, and he is given to the youngest child in the sibling group that comes to live with us, and we retell his story with each new group of children.   THANK YOU SO MUCH CLARE AND ROSLYN- You have impacted so many kid’s lives with your kindness and generosity.

Also, I want to send a BIG THANK YOU out to everyone who left the wonderful, supportive messages.  You all truly inspire me and I cannot tell you just how much you warmed my heart.  I had a smile on my face all day, that just kept growing as I read each and every comment and email.  I needed to be reminded that there are great people out there after my day yesterday… and y’all definitely provided that for me.  Lots of love to you all!! XO

2 thoughts on “HE IS HERE!!

  1. Dear Andrea, Your mom shared this blog with me and I was so touched by the story. I hope Mr. green continues his journey of love and caring for many others who need him. We all have a special destiny in life. Thanks, Clare

  2. God bless you and RJ, Graeson and all the family, Andrea. We enjoyed the Mister Frog story. Grae is a beautiful baby, and it’s great to see his pics on FB and your blog. Have a happy weekend! Thank you for opening your home and heart to children in need! Love Linda and Mel

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